Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ann Coulter: Most likely Not a Man

Probably the most persistent attacks aimed at Ann Coulter by her political opponents have contended that she is a post operative transexual who was born as a man. I intend in this piece to show that this contention is not supported by any firm evidence.

Here is an example of the attack from Liberal Site DailyKos:

there is a persistent rumor that Ms. Ann Coulter is a male drag queen or male to female transsexual. IMHO, the reason for the rumor is in the relatively rare pictures when one can see her neck at any level of detail, there is something on her neck that has a very suspicious resemblance to an Adam's apple. I have seen such pictures myself. I've heard that there are other things about her physical appearance that aren't quite consistent with that of a normal biological female.

Also from DailyKos:

I will always refer to her as "Ann-drew" or "Ann the Man," until someone convinces me that he/she is indeed a female who just happens to look like a skinny guy with a big Adam's Apple.

And another from Left-leaning blogger Steve Gilliard:

Hell, even Ann Coulter attacks people who can attack back. Sure, she can call Molly Ivins a traitor and Evan Thomas, the son of Norman Thomas, even though his name is Evan Thomas, Jr. But they can respond in kind and ask about her adams apple and the fact that there was no child named Ann Coulter born in Connecticut in 1962-63.

The 'Ann Coulter is a man' criticism seems to be based on the accumulation of a number of pieces of - mostly circumstantial - evidence:

  • AC is tall and skinny

So are most super-models. As far as I know only one supermodel (out of probably hundreds) has ever turned out to have been born a man.

  • AC's lack of marriage/serious relationships
Seriously, who would want to date her? And I don't just mean because of her looks and personality; but I think dating Ms Coulter would be extremely dangerous. I wouldn't be at all surprised if AC's name was high-up on a lot of seriously disturbed people's hitlists and if explosives were used by just one of the millions of Arabs she's insulted then her dating partner would be almost inevitable collateral damage.

Also I stumbled upon this interesting press item from a couple of months ago. It suggests there may be a romance blooming between AC and liberal actor Ron Silver. (More skeptical readers might believe this has less to do with romance and a little more to do with Mr Silver's agents desperately trawling for publicity have recognized that his career peaked over a decade ago with TimeCop.)

  • AC has an Adam's apple
None of the photos I've looked at can really be considered conclusive evidence of this. Anyway I found this agony aunt letter on the net:

writer: I am probably going to be the first to mention to you that I am female and I do have an obvious adam's apple.

response: The Adam's apple, is nothing more than cartilage and is a characteristic primarily associated with post pubescent men. But some women do have larger Adam's apples than other women, similar to how some women have facial hair or large feet, also characteristics that are more often associated with men.

So even if AC does have an outsized Adam's apple that doesn't prove anything.

  • AC looks like a drag queen
So do any number of middle-aged women trying to look twenty years younger by troweling on the make-up. They can't all be transexuals.

  • there was no child named Ann Coulter born in Connecticut in 1962-63.
Even if this claim is true - and it's not supported by any evidence - all it proves is either "Ann Coulter" isn't her real name, or she lies about her age. If these were crimes, most Hollywood actresses would be in prison.


Also I'd like to point out that the now openly homosexual David Brock of Media Matters used to be a good friend of Ann Coulter's, and an acquaintance of Matt Drudge's. He now has very little time for either. Yet while he outed Matt Drudge as a closeted homosexual in his book "Blinded by the Right", he has said nothing on the subject of Ann Coulter's masculinity. I find it hard to believe (a) Brock wouldn't have known if she was a man and (b) he wouldn't have outed her by now if she was.

So on the balance of probabilties I think there is still a very long way to go to prove that Ann Coulter is a man.

I'll conclude with the words of another web commentator who seems to know Ann Coulter very well and accords fully that she is and has always been 100% pure woman:

In high school Ann was a tramp, a real slut. She would have sex with any guy who could get beyond the smell of her unwashed body.


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